Our First Vendor Faire

Look at our new sign ~ that got here after we finished the Faire

We stayed at Dessert Shadows RV Resort in December and found out about their monthly Vendor Faire.  We decided to join for the January Market.

There were so many wonderful Vendors!

Of course, I went right to the books and met an amazing Phoenix author, Suzanne Floyd. I immediately added 3 of her books to my Kindle. So far, my favorite is A Game of Cat and Mouse, but I am getting ready to read You’ll Be Sorry, which Amazon says is her most popular.

The crafters and vendors were so nice and helpful. Blaine was doing his “thing” meeting and greeting people and getting the lay of the land for our next adventure.

I had a few people interested in a Learn to Knit Class, which Donna from Dessert Shadows has already put on the February calendar.

All in all, I’d say our first faire was a lot of fun and we learned TONS!